Saunders Morgan Harris are permitted to carry out Tonnage surveys which consist of a short survey whereby a number of specific measurements and registration details of your particular vessel are recorded. This is then used along with other documentation to provide the vessel with a formal Part 1 registration. Saunders Morgan HarrisLtd carry out these measurements on behalf of the YBDSA and the MCA.

The main reason for registering a ship has always been to prove its nationality. For Merchant/Pleasure ships Part 1 identification is essential for overseas voyages. Another reason for Part 1 registration is to use the ship as security to obtain a marine mortgage which in turn is registered. Purchasers of UK registered ships can obtain a Transcript of Registry which shows the registered owners of a ship and whether there are any out standing Mortgages lodged against that vessel.

What is needed to register a vessel?

• Application to register (SUR 6A) form from the YBDSA here:
• Declaration of eligibility
• Original documents of sale (builders certificate or Bills of sale)
• Certificate of survey (Tonnage survey by Saunders Morgan Harris)
• Initial registration fee to the YBDSA
• De flag certificate (if the vessel is registered already overseas) Note that any foreign documents used to identify the vessel must be formally translated.

Registering Pleasure Vessels (SSR)

The SSR (Small Ships Register) is a less formal registration which can be applied for online through either the RYA or the MCA.
This is not proof of ownership nor provides the vessel with the same lodged registration details as the Part 1, however most European countries accept the SSR certificate as a form of UK identification.

Please contact Saunders Morgan Harris for further details with regards to registering your vessel using the Part 1 or SSR registration. We can forward you any relevant application forms online.


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